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Prostate Health Pack Summary

Every man 40 and over should be very concerned about their prostate, in fact those who are wise and would like to help in the prevention of Prostate enlargement or cancer should begin doing all that is possible so as to prevent this painful and most time deadly health problem.

Hi there, for the past four or so years I have had numerous individuals contacting me about various types of ailments, including  problems with their prostate.

My most recent case involving a gentle man who just returned from the United States suffering from a very severe case of enlarged prostate. This individual was unable to walk as well as pass his urine freely.
After giving him the first bottle of my Neem Ultimate Body Detox,he was able to pass his urine with ease, the pain was reduced significantly allowing him to walk around as before

Base on his doctor's advice and the fact that he had already schedule an appoint for surgery, he went and had it operated on.
This gentleman is now very happy and appreciative for the help I was able to offer,especially in helping to reduce the excruciating pains he had.

I am not implying in any way that I have the magic cure for prostate issues or any other health conditions,but what I do know is that  by the grace of almighty God,I can help.

In the Island of Jamaica we have a few natural remedies that work wonders for prostate issues as well as other health condition.

Take for instance
Saw Palmetto
Red Water Grass
Guinea Hen Weed
Rice Bitters
English Plantain

These simple things of nature when combined with another Herb I personally call the Wonder Herb can be used quite effectively for not only prostate issues, but a whole host of other health problems:

These Health Packages offered on this website are worth trying, you never     know, one might just be the cure you have been looking for.

Body Detox

My personal advice to all who suffer from any form of related issues or would like to prevent that which is preventable, is to first go on my Neem Ultimate Three Weeks Body Detox, as I don't like to put clean wine in dirty bottles.

Cleanse your system of toxins so as to purify the blood and then you begin other treatments.

Our Unique Neem Ultimate Three Weeks Body Detox does a complete cleansing of all the organs in the body,thus helping to flush toxins, as well as parasites from the system.

The main cause for a number of ailments/diseases

What most people including many doctors fail to explain to their patients is that, Parasites,Toxins.Leaky Gut Syndrome,Thyroid problems and even Yeast infection can be the main reasons why many are unable to get rid of whatever ails them,despite taking the best and most expensive prescription drugs.

Why you should try Neem Ultimate Three Weeks Body Detox

Our Neem Ultimate Three Weeks Body Detox is prepared from the finest and most trusted herbs and spices found in the Island of Jamaica and other parts of the world.

Our Neem Ultimate Three Weeks Body Detox is brewed in the best pots and on wood fire or Charcoal for maximum benefits.
We only use fire when using the root and bark of some trees,as it is not always best to boil herbs.

The complete package cost US$ 200.00 including shipping and handling to the USA,Canada and the UK.

If you have or know of anyone coming from Jamaica who is willing to bring this or any of our other health products,the cost will be much less.

Package contains 3 x 750 mL bottles along with a pack of our Wonder Herb for for almost every health condition.

Not to be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers and not recommended for children under 12. Wonder Herb can be given to children. but not the Neem Ultimate Body Detox.

Please always consult your doctor regarding your health!

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